Nieuport 17 250 ARF - FREE SHIPPING!!!


Retail: $99.89
Our Price: $79.99

The Nieuport 17 Slow Flyer from E-Flite is an electric indoor version of the renowned French biplane fighter. This highly-detailed slow flyer boasts a low weight and a more majestic type of slow flight thanks to the biplane design and reduced wing loading. So you can get to the flying field faster, the Nieuport 17 comes with many pre-finished details including both wood interplane and cabane struts, molded cowling, molded scale wheels and a simulated dummy motor and the trim scheme is pre-painted with the decals are already applied.The E-flite Nieuport 17 Slow Flyer 250 ARF is a fantastic flying foamie with outstanding slow speed characteristics --making it perfect for indoor or outdoor flight.


  • Great scale appearance and durability thanks to the prepainted vacuum foam molded airframe Light wing loading because of the low weight and biplane design Factory-painted and finished scale color scheme complete with markings Wood interplane and cabane struts Designed for the E-flite Park 250 Outrunner Motor Carbon reinforced horizontal stab Dummy engine rotates to mimic a full-scale rotary engine Landing gear wire pre-bent and ready to install Molded scale wheels

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