Slow Stick NPS Slope Glider EP ARF 46.3"


Retail: $53.99
Our Price: $40.20

GWSAE0018I (SLOW STICK NPS Red)Overview The GWS Slow Stick is one of the most popular RC airplane slow flyers in the world. It is a simple RC airplane for beginners, but?many experienced flyers still love to fly it. The GWS Slow Stick is an airplane that you can take?slow and easy, or (for experienced pilots)?fly the slow stick in?combat. Feel the thrill of the dogfight! Easy construction?and?possibilities to upgrade?and install options, including?floats, make?the Slow Stick?the airplane?fliers appreciate.??It?touches both the heart of beginners and?experienced flyers.SpecsLength: 954mm (37.6 in) Wing Span: 1176mm (46.3 in) Wing Area: 32.64 dm? (505.9 sq in) Wing Loading: 12.4~13.5 g/dm? (4~4.4 oz/sq ft)

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