Super High Performance Stomp

ITEM # D+L30008-HR

Retail: $49.49
Our Price: $36.80

Stomp Rocket Super High Performance

The launch pad of Stomp Rocket Super High Performance can blast rockets up to 400 ft in the air. This kit comes with various reusable rockets and flame stickers that can make rockets look ultra-cool.

Age: 16 years and up

  • Air-propelled rockets
  • Launches up to 400 ft in air
  • Comes with cool flame stickers
  • Easy to set up and launch
  • Launcher
  • Rockets
  • Flame stickers


  • The original Stomp Rocket that started the stomp revolution
  • Take this to the park or beach and watch how many children and adults you get wanting to play
  • Comes with 6 rockets and 6 flame stickers to put on
  • Refill rockets available
  • Schools use all of our stomp rockets to teach distance, trajectory, force, motion etc...learning and having fun doing it

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