HGJ001 Hang Glider Jack


Retail: $28.19
Our Price: $22.90

Hang Glider Jack is a flying replica that's instant fun! Fold up the glider and sling Jack off into the air. Watch as this toy hang glider blasts off up to 75 feet into the sky, gliding through the air, and twisting and turning with the wind until it eventually descends back to ground. The miniature replica is made from real hang gliding material. Hang Glider Jack is suited in colorful gliding gear that's sure to add to the flying aesthetic. Winner of the PIA Best Packaging Award, this toy hang glider is guaranteed fun! Ages 9 and up.


  • Each product William Mark Corporation produces is slated for extraordinary flight performance and excitement.
  • Launches sky high
  • Pops open and soars gracefully to the ground
  • Made with real hang gliding material
  • Hang Glider Jack is a unique flying replica of a real hang glider
  • Assorted Colors (not optional)

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